Night owls have wider social circles

Birds of this feather don't exclusively flock together.

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According to new research from Aalto University in Finland, your genetically pre-determined sleep schedule, or chronotype,correlates with the size of your social network and with whom you socialize. The study tracked participant's mobile data over a one-year period and found that night owls spend more time interacting with a wider range of friends than do early birds.
“We think that the reason for night owls having larger networks is that the evening is more socially accepted as a time to connect and have big gatherings,” says study author Talayeh Aledavood, a doctoral researcher at Aalto University. "In the mornings, you're more likely to be solo or with fewer people."
Whether you're an owl or a lark, you should respect your body's internal clock, says Aledavood. If you're a morning person who wants to broaden your social network, instead of staying up late, consider joining an a.m. running crew or group fitness class.