My healthy: Tara Lipinski

The iconic figure skater’s favorite Equinox class and travel-friendly workout equipment

Figure skating legend Tara Lipinski took home a gold for the United States during the 1998 Winter Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan when she was just 15. The Philadelphia native will be back at the games this February delivering NBC’s figure skating commentary alongside Johnny Weir. Lipinski has continued her athletic lifestyle well after retiring from professional competition, and revealed to Furthermore the healthy things she can’t live without.

Portrait by: Collin Stark

equinox’s gold barre class

“It’s such a fun experience to mix my knowledge from ice skating and my love for barre. It fuses them together to make a class that’s really difficult, but I love it. When I go to it, I’m so sore in the following days it feels like I was on the ice.”
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“If anyone’s looking into my hotel window they’ll see me doing squats with these bands. There’s so much you can do with them and they travel lightly.”
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swell water bottle

“I don’t go anywhere without it.”
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onzie workout pants

“This brand make really fun pants with all different patterns and styles. When I get bored of my black Lululemons, I put on their unique styles and colors.”
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rx bars

“I love them because they only have six ingredients. My favorite flavor is the chocolate sea salt.”
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aquaphor healing ointment

“Aquaphor is everywhere. I keep it my gym bag and in my purse. I take it to the rink. I’ll use it as chapstick or I’ll even use it as eye cream and go to bed with it.”
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gliding discs

“These are great because they mimic the same thing you do on the ice as you’re skating. They allow you to get in that low speed-skater position, sliding your legs in and out. I’m always looking for a workout that gets as close to skating as possible. I’ve tried so many things and nothing kicks my butt like skating does.”
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cardi b’s “bodak yellow”

“There’s no way I can work out without music and I like hip hop and rap. A few months ago I was listening to a lot of Cardi B. If I start slowing down at the gym, this is what I pick it up to.”
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athletic propulsion labs techloom phantom sneakers

“I own a lot of Nikes, but this company makes shoes that are so cool and incredible. I have a pair of gold ones that are just awesome.”
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Athletes are prone to anxiety

“Being vulnerable is the strongest thing you can do.”

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