My healthy: Larissa Thomson

The ONDA Beauty co-founder shares her favorite face balm and the book she keeps re-reading.

After spending over two decades as a fashion editor, Larissa Thomson left her magazine career to navigate the expanding world of organic, holistic beauty. The co-founder of ONDA Beauty (alongside partners Sarah Bryden-Brown and Naomi Watts) celebrates the value of clean living. From her morning rituals to her daily skincare regimen, here are Thomson's wellness essentials.

Portrait by: Jaimie Baird

la colombe corsica coffee

"I cannot live without my first coffee in the morning. It has to be really good and strong. If I'm lucky my husband brings it to me in bed when I first wake up."
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may lindstrom skin the blue cocoon

"In winter weather I always use a face balm to hydrate, nourish, and protect against the elements."
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onda beauty calendula + bergamot coffee body scrub

"This product is super exfoliating and hydrating and the coffee helps increase circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite." 
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vinter's daughter active botanical serum

"This is my main source of hydration and has changed the texture of my skin.”
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herbalore catalyst gold supplements

"This formula is intended to prevent sugar cravings and promote healthy skin, hair, and nails."
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mary's gone crackers

"These are my go-to healthy snack when I need a boost of energy."

the upside bandana midi pant

"I love these for working out. I pair them with a tank that cuts very low at the neck and under the arms.”
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<i>steering by starlight</i> by martha beck

"This book resonated so much with me that I immediately sent it to three friends. I continue to read certain parts when I need a reminder for staying balanced.”
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