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5 products changing the workout game

The Consumer Electronics Show, better known by its acronym CES, has been at the center of the future of technology since its inaugural kick-off a full half century ago. In the intervening years, the annual trade show has consistently showcased the cutting edge of what’s new and next, especially in the world of health and fitness. Here are some of the most exciting new products that were shown.

lifefuels: the next gen of water bottles

The winner of this year’s Innovation Award at CES, LifeFuels bills itself as “the world’s first portable drink maker,” thanks to a line of what they dub FuelPods, insertable capsules which contain a concentrated serving of vitamins and electrolytes. Users can mix and match to create their own personalized, functional health drink. (Wait list to purchase now open.)
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sensoria: the shoe that can make you a better runner

High-tech fitness company Sensoria’s ‘smart’ running shoe is outfitted with sensors so users can track and measure everything from foot landing technique to contact time on the ground, as well as pace, distance, time, and calories burned. It all works thanks to a reusable microelectronic component that installs directly into the shoe itself. (Available for pre-order.)
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kuaifit: headphones that keep you on pace

These sweat-proof headphones with a seven-hour battery double as a heart rate sensor and an activity tracker for distance, calories, and speed. However, what makes them unique is their automated voice coaching technology, which uses an algorithm to adapt a training plan that’s custom tailored for each user. (Now available.)
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scosche’s rhythm24: the armband that knows if you’re stressed out

Whether you cycle, swim, or run, the RHYTHM24 armband from SCOSCHE measures the minutia of your exercise routine. Its centerpiece feature is an intuitive heart rate monitor that tracks and records heart rate variability among other biometrics, whether you’re pushing yourself to the max, stressed out, or simply relaxing. Feel free to use it morning, noon, and night: the device’s moniker is a nod to its 24-hour battery life. (Now available.)
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motiv fitness tracker: the ring that tells facebook about your workout

Originally unveiled during last year’s CES, Motiv’s newest update allows you to seamlessly record your exercise data (steps, heart rate, calories burned, and the like) and integrates it all whether you’re an Android or Apple user. In addition, the ring will now connect directly to your social media accounts, so you can broadcast your fitness accomplishments. The ring is also waterproof, withstanding depths of up to 165 feet.
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