Accessorize your equipment

Add chains to the barbell

For anyone lifting with chains for the first time: Begin training with speed reps without a chain to get your body acclimated. Begin at 55 percent of your repetition maximum (1RM) and accelerate the bar as fast as possible. As experience grows, increase by 5 percent each week. Once percent speed reps become easy, add 15 percent from chains and drop your percentage to 70. 

Add a towel to the pull-up bar

Do a Double Towel Pull-up: Drape two small towels over the bar, shoulder-width apart. Position yourself at the bar, grabbing the ends of one towel in each hand. Maintaining a strong grip on each towel, bend elbows by sides to lift yourself up toward bar, extending legs out to hip level in front of you* as you do. Slowly extend arms to lower yourself toward floor. Repeat, pulling yourself up until chin reaches bar. (*If this is too difficult, bend knees in toward chest every time you pull-up instead.)

Add a ViPR to the agility ladder

Try a Skater Shuffle with ViPR: Place a second ladder on the ground parallel to the first, and about two feet apart. Stand with your right side next to the middle of a ladder and hold a ViPR with hands in front of thighs and palms facing each other. Shift weight to left foot as you bend forward from hips and bring ViPR across your body to the left. Push off left foot and shuffle twice to the right—stepping feet into a square, the ground between the ladders, a square in the far ladder, and then outside the far ladder—as you bring ViPR across your body to the right. Land on your right foot with left knee bent and ViPR at your right side. Immediately repeat in the opposite direction. Continue, moving from side to side.

Take it down a notch: Use only one ladder and “skate” from side to side without the ViPR.

Take to the water this winter

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Set a workout intention

Set a workout intention.

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