Try it: meditative home lighting

6 products that get you in the zone and how to use them

In addition to using apps and attending classes at the gym, athletes can benefit from having a home space conducive to a meditationpractice. While setting up a quiet area with a comfortable seat is a given, it's important to pay attention to another element: lighting.

"Even when you close your eyes, you are experiencing a room’s lighting," explains Michael Gervais, a New York City-based yoga instructor and creator of Equinox’s Headstrong class. "It’s the last thing you see and a bit lingers through the eyelids." What’s more, the way you bring awareness back into the room after your meditation is noteworthy, he says. “If the lighting is too jarring, that could be a sub-optimal experience.”

Purposefully altering the ambiance can also help you set your intention and create a mental separation between the stress of your day and your time for introspection. "Changing the lighting in your meditative space just might be the key to finally perfecting your personal practice," notes Iris Lami, a meditation and yoga instructor at Gingerhill Farm Retreatin South Kona, Hawaii.

To create the right setting, try one of these six meditative lights.

pilgrim zoe

A meditation light, essential oil diffuser, and humidifier all-in-one, this device is not only multifunctional, but it’s also stylishly designed. And studies have found that aromatherapy used in conjunction with a mindfulness practice can be helpful in reducing stress and anxiety.
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himalayan salt lamp

“These beautiful lights feature a large piece of Himalayan pink salt with a bulb in the middle,” Lami explains. “They are particularly beneficial in a meditative space because they produce small quantities of negative ions, which are found in nature, and have shown promise in reducing depression and seasonal affective disorder." They also aid in the transmission of oxygen to the brain, helping increase mental clarity, points out Lami.
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tom dixon melt table copper lamp

While this fixture comes in various colors, Lami suggests opting for a moderately dim lamp with a light orange hue. "It can promote positivity without disrupting circadian rhythms if you're meditating right before bed."
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ihome zenergy meditative light and sound therapy candle

While some people find blue light (think: the light from your cell phone screen) to be overstimulating, research suggests that it may also have a calming effect in certain situations. For example, one study found that the color made people feel relaxed faster than white light after something stressful happened to them, like a fight with a friend. Still, if you’re meditating before bed, it might be a good idea to stick with something warmer, so a light that changes colors is ideal.
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ice harmony floating bluetooth speaker

This floating orb speaker gives off a warm golden hue that is adjustable. The device is particularly suited to those who favor guided meditations since you can sync it with your phone.
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addition studio tripod oil burner

“Call me old-fashioned, but I've always had luck with a single candle,” Gervais says. “It can be a bit of a ritual to light for meditation, and always feels like it represents my own quiet internal presence as I meditate.” A plain candle will work, but for something that will add to your room’s decor, try this chic diffuser.
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