Q&A with R&B singer Janine

The rising star on the crucial music-fitness connection

New Zealand-born Janine Foster first experienced mainstream success when her 2015 EP, Dark Mind,got to number two on the US iTunes R&B charts. Her powerful, warm voice has continued to gain popularity, making her one of the top upcoming artists to watchas we move into 2018. Recently, Furthermore caught up with the musician to discuss her motivation, intense lifting routine, mental fitness, and more.

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What have been the most challenging moments in your career so far?

"When things are quiet in between releases. Feeling stagnant in any way in life is hard. I need to stay busy releasing new music, creating, and making progress to stay happy and energized."

How do you fit fitness into your hectic schedule?

"If something is important you make it work. I treat working out like it's a part of my job. It's not always easy but I know I achieve more in my day and am in a better mental state if I make time for a workout. Whether it's seeing results physically or being able to lift a little bit more—progress is motivating. Confidence is sexy and we don't have to have zero body fat for that, we just have to be our own version of happy with our bodies. I'm always trying to better myself in every way and fitness is a huge part of that."

Can you tell us the specifics about your exercise routine?

"It varies but I typically lift pretty heavy. On lifting days I usually spend two hours at the gym but it depends on how much time I have. I break my workouts up into different body parts so I can alternate. I've been mixing jump rope in between my sets or super-setting. I also incorporate cardio by doing 45 to 60 minutes on the stair climber or by running or boxing. Sometimes I do this on the same day as I lift but mostly I use cardio days as a kind of day off. I also love rock climbing, dancing, and I walk for hours when I can."

How important is music when you're at the gym?

"So important! Music can be the difference between going home and getting a good workout in. Sometimes I can even loop a good song for my whole workout. I also use the time to learn new songs and listen to mixes from my new album."

When it comes to mental fitness, how do you nurture it?

"That's always a work in progress. Exercising is a huge part of it, as is creating and performing music, and spending time with people I love."