Fall in love: seasonal fashion report

These key trends maximize form and function.

Fall and early winter, before the chill sets in, is my favorite time to max out style; this season offers endless opportunities for layering, playing with textures, structure and volumes. The runways are always overflowing with new ideas, but many are unachievable and unrealistic for real life. So I have curated the trends that matter for those of us that lead an active life on the move, prioritizing pragmatism, those of us needing fashion to work for us, not vice versa—otherwise why invest? Fall in love, go on, I dare you. There is plenty here to whisk you off your feet, or just keep them squarely on the ground. Follow along as I provide guidance on these trends, one by one, over the next several weeks.

Trend 1: Supersize Me: Athletic Layering For Strong Silhouettes

The runways often get a bad rep for being unwearable, alienating audiences who cannot easily see how to translate into real life. Cue this trend, which can be more or less copied top to toe. The message here is attitude: an oversize silhouette means there is literally more of you. We all know that feeling of something that envelops and protects—you feel more invincible, fashion as armor. The first key rule is to avoid too much pattern or detail; let the shape do the talking. Second, be sure to show an element of the human being underneath to contrast with the volume elsewhere, be it a belt for a small waist, a flash of calf or skinny arm, either as skin or even if covered in something form-fitting and practical for winter temperatures, like hosiery or tight rib roll necks.

More Fall Fashion Trends:

Trend 2: Getting Political

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