12-minute workouts (1/4)

Dive-bomb push-up

Start in a high plank position, then lift your hips up into the air as if you were in downward facing dog. From there, lead with your chest and scoop down towards the ground, finishing in an upward facing dog. Return to downward facing dog and repeat. Do 12 reps total.

Meadow row

Secure one end of a barbell in a corner or in a stand on the ground. Load it with appropriate weight or use the empty bar. Hold the other end in your left hand and come in to a lunge position with your left leg back. Rest your right arm on your knee and row the barbell up towards your chest. Pause, then lower it back down and immediately repeat. Do 8 to 10 reps, then repeat on the other side.

Jump rope

Jump rope, attempting to take only one jump between swings of the rope. Continue for one minute.

The stairs workout

Try the stairs workout.

Fundamental fitness: Veteran's Day

Add this military-grade routine to your regimen.

20-minute workout: ROUNDS

Become a triple threat.