Our fit registry: the track stars

This pro runner and her fiancé are using their registry to keep their athletic dreams alive.

Lately, some engaged couples are pushing beyond the typical china patterns and flatware sets, asking their friends and family to toast their special day with fitness classes, camping gear, and even high-tech blenders. It's true: fitness registries are having a moment. That’s why Equinox has partnered with Zola, allowing couples to register for memberships and personal training sessions. To give you a better idea of just how healthy a registry can be, Furthermore is profiling a series of high-performing couples—and getting a glimpse at their unique wish lists. The latest couple was the culinary duo Elise Voss Runde and Geoff Tresley. Here, meet the third pair.

Three years ago, Italian professional track and field runner Gia Trevisan received a direct message on Instagram from Corey Butler, a business developer for activewear brand Reigning Champ. “Corey asked me to dinner. I thought about it and accepted... I had nothing to lose," says Trevisan. The duo hit it off and have been together ever since. A mutual love for fitness is perhaps one of the many things that helped them bond. “We love to go to the gym together," says Trevisan. "But, running on the track is certainly our favorite.” Now, Trevisan and Butler are about to tie the knot in a ceremony at The Hacienda in Santa Ana, California. Here, the active couple shares a few items from their registry, which reflects their wellness-oriented nature.

garmin forerunner 735xt multisport watch

"Since Gia is always running, it's good to know how far, how long, and to record what progress she's making," says Butler.
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gopro hero5 black

"We love to travel, take photos, and make videos. We can take our GoPro where other cameras can't go, like in the water when we are surfing," says Trevisan.
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couples massage

"Massages keep us relaxed and help our bodies push even further," says Butler.
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group gift: training fund

"Since running requires different expenses, we decided to put it on our registry, to keep our dreams alive," says Trevisan.

group gift: honeymoon fund

"We're planning an epic honeymoon. We want to go somewhere with a lot of history like Egypt or Israel. We love to expand our knowledge," says Butler.

taylor glass and chrome digital scale

"It's always great to track and see forward progress when it comes to health," says Trevisan.
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