Healthy meal prep: sous vide tuna

Try the omega 3-rich fish with a tangy cabbage slaw and spicy serrano chiles.

Nutrition is half the battle for high-performers, and meal prep is a key strategy for achieving success. Takeout is often loaded with extra oils and high in sodium. And studies show that people who spend more time on home food preparation have a higher-quality diet. That’s why we’re introducing our new healthy meal prep series. The plans to follow support Equinox’s nutritional pillars that functional food should be full of nutrients and free of added sugars to make you feel and perform at your best.

When you’re starving after a workout, it’s nice to have a go-to meal ready, which is why having an appliance that does the work for you is key, says Seattle-based chef Dana Tough of ChefSteps. Previously, we showed you how to use a sous vide machine to easily make juicy chicken, tender pork tenderloin, and perfect medium-rare flank steak. This week, learn how to master a different type of protein: fish.

This guide was created by ChefSteps.

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Shop for all the ingredients and allow two hours to cook. View shopping list here.

Set up a sous vide and prepare the Albacore tuna.

Sous vide


Tuna is a great source of lean protein, but often the canned version is extremely dry and overly-salted, says Tough. With sous vide, you have control not only over the salt levels but also the moisture level. While this recipe calls for Albacore, you can swap in any fish you like as long as you source the highest quality. To get a perfectly firm, toothsome bite (that can be hard to achieve with a soft fish like Albacore), we suggest using a salt and sugar brine, which helps plump and firm the fish so it doesn’t fall apart when heated. Alternatively, rubbing the protein with olive oil works well too.


While the tuna cooks, prepare the condiments.
Make the onion puree and tangy soy-vinegar sauce.


Assemble all of the lunch components and store in microwave-safe containers in the fridge. We recommend you keep the tuna in whole pieces until just before you assemble the meal at work to keep it as juicy as possible. START PACKING