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Aesop toothpaste

The unusual flavor of Aesop’s new product is enough to make you rethink toothpaste (it includes cardamom and wasabi), but it’s the tube itself—a continuation of the brand’s famously minimal and efficient design—that will make you want to put it prominently on your bathroom counter.

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Marvis toothpaste flavor collection gift set

With Marvis’ beautiful and TSA-friendly gift set, you’ll never have to call the hotel concierge for a miniature tube of the drugstore brand again. Plus, the seven-tube set lets you cycle through each whimsical flavor, from jasmine mint to amarelli licorice.

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Apa beauty white toothpaste

The fluoride-free formula encased inside this clean tube was developed by New York City-based cosmetic dentist Michael Apa, DDS.

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Davids premium natural toothpaste

This sleek metal tube is fully recyclable. What's more, for those weary of hard-to-pronounce ingredients, rest assured that everything in Davids' formula is food-grade (i.e. suitable to be consumed).

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Buly 1803 opiat dentaire toothpaste

A cult French brand since the early 19th century, Buly 1803's toothpastes, formulated using thermal water from a spa town in southwestern France, are just as elegant as their beloved hand creams and candles.

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