Human chess

Resistance Band High Pull

Face the anchor, holding one end of the band in each hand at waist level. Simultaneously turn your feet to the right while bringing the right arm up overhead. Go to a full trunk extension and rotate back to the starting position. Alternate sides and speed up once the footwork is comfortable.

Crocodile Push-Up

Start prone on the floor with your right knee and elbow touching, left knee and elbow fully extended. Staying close to the ground, take a full step forward pulling the opposite arm and leg to touch. Continue alternating sides.

Kneeling Jump to Box Jump

Begin kneeling in front of a box with hips all the way back to heels. Swing arms and extend hips dynamically to bring feet underneath you to land on the floor with knees bent. Immediately load hips and jump up onto the box, landing softly with knees bent. Repeat. 

ViPR Dynamic Rotation Lunge

Hold the opening closest to the top of the ViPR with your right hand. Your left hand should cradle the bottom of the ViPR near the other end. Rotate the ViPR to the right and behind you, switching hands as you do so, and continue to rotate until it’s back in front of your body. Lunge forward with your right leg and stop the rotation. As you step back to standing position rotate the ViPR to the other side and perform a repetition in that direction. Continue alternating. 

Kettlebell Bottoms-Up Reciprocal Press

Stand tall with rib cage tight, one kettlebell in each hand with bottom sides up. Extend your right arm overhead while the other starts with the kettlebell at shoulder height. Alternate presses reciprocally.

Figure-Eight Lateral Lunges

With a ViPR overhead, take a long lateral step to the right while bringing the ViPR down toward the right foot. Step back to the middle while raising the ViPR up, and lateral step in the opposite direction bringing the other side of the ViPR to that foot. Continue alternating sides.