Meet the fitness rebels: Lauren Williams

The PROJECT trainer on the exercise every workout needs and more

Whether it’s a side hustle or some other creative pursuit, every high performer needs a passion—and a project. That’s the idea behind the new PROJECT by Equinox. It’s a “creative space for fitness rebels” in downtown Manhattan where breakthrough fitness talent creates innovative workouts ranging from The Sculpt Society (a total-body cardio workout that incorporates light weights and sliders) to The Ultimate Runner’s Workout (drills and unilateral exercises to improve speed, agility, and balance). Over the next six weeks, Furthermore is introducing you to six of PROJECT’s top trainers that are challenging you to move differently. This week, we’re featuring Lauren Williams.

Ballet was Lauren Williams’s first passion project, one she began at just two years old. Williams moved to New York City from North Carolina to begin her psychology studies at New York University. It was then that she started her career in fitness modeling, appearing in outlets ranging from Women's Health and SELF to ELLE. Revered for her killer form and execution during these shoots, Williams decided to pursue a career in fitness, becoming a personal trainer in 2012. Her dance and modeling experience inspired a unique approach to training. “I want my clients to always be learning about their bodies so they know when to push, when to pull back, and when to change it up,” she says. Her class at PROJECT, Chisel Club, is a total-body workout that incorporates bodyweight exercises, dumbbells, and sandbags.

What’s your signature exercise?

“Squats plus deadlifts. No workout is complete without at least one squat or deadlift variation.”

What was the inspiration behind your class at PROJECT?

“I wanted to create a class that focuses on building strength, progression, and mastery. I believe building a foundation around strength and proper movement is crucial to success. I want to help make that happen for people.”

Name three things in your gym bag you couldn’t live without.

Lacrosse ball (preferably yellow) Cashews Primal Paste

How do you regenerate?

“Sleep, vegetables, cold plunge, sauna time (or cold/hot shower magic), and massages when the struggle is real.”

What’s your go-to pre- and post-workout snack?

Pre: coffee + banana(s); Post: eggs, nuts, sweet potatoes

Fitness vocab: ape index

Your training should depend in part on this measurement.

Worldly fitness feat: rowing across the Drake Passage

"Waves crashed over the boat, and the water was barely above freezing."