My weekend workout: Matt Delaney

Delaney may not be destined to master the half pipe, but he did discover some untapped potential in the toy. “During the winter, I work out in my garage on weekends. The skateboard initially appealed to me because it provides benefits similar to glider discs, which I can't use on the concrete floor,” he says. “It allowed me to challenge myself in different ways by increasing the complexity of basic patterns (like push-ups) and come up with unique exercise variations I could not duplicate on other tools.”

In the video above, Delaney demonstrates some of his skateboard-based bodyweight training. While it looks like pure fun, it requires some build-up: Start with some basic movements and progress as you become more comfortable. “Higher threshold exercises like the push-ups require a lot of trunk and scapular stability, so they should not be attempted until you own those prerequisites,” advises Delaney.

The moves below are ideal for beginners. “Keep in mind that the single-leg movements (like the hamstring curl or knee tuck) can be regressed to a bilateral version, making it easier to start experimenting,” he says.