5 best podcasts for high-performers

Stay up to date on pop culture, politics, Richard Simmons' whereabouts and more.

According to Edison Research, podcastsare becoming increasingly popular, with listeners spending an average of four hours and ten minutes tuned in each week. Whether you need some motivation while commuting or on the treadmill, here are five highly-rated picks.

missing richard simmons

Fitness guru Richard Simmons transformed the industry with his eccentric, larger-than-life personality. And then one day, he suddenly retreated from the public, family, and friends. Filmmaker and former Daily Show producer Dan Taberski (a Simmons acolyte and friend) works to unpack the icon’s puzzling disappearance.
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pod save america

Former Obama Administration speechwriters and aides Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer, and Tommy Vietor have not only upgraded from their first round at podcasting that began with Keepin’ It 1600, they’re now working on their own media empire. Pod Save America is the premier podcast of their newly minted Crooked Media group. The focus is on challenges posed by the nation’s current political environment with insight from activists, politicians, entertainers, lawyers, journalists, and policy makers from both sides of the aisle.
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modern love

Listening to this podcast just might help you work through some of those issues that have been making you slam the battle ropes. In partnership with NPR’s WBUR radio in Boston, essays from The New York Times’ popular “Modern Love” column are read aloud by actors such as Emmy Rossum and Mark Duplass.
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the school of greatness with lewis howes

Lewis Howes is a bestselling author, lifestyle entrepreneur, and former NFL player. During this podcast, he shares inspiring stories from other athletes, major business minds, and celebrities to help listeners unlock their potential for greatness.
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pop culture happy hour

Hosted by NPR’s "Monkey See" blogger Linda Holmes, this lively podcast tackles the latest in books, movies, music, television, and more. Past episodes have discussed everything from Kevin Durant's move to the Golden State Warriors to NBC's hit drama, This is Us.
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