My healthy: Anna Chlumsky

How the Emmy-nominated actress keeps her mind and body sharp

On HBO’s Veep, Chlumsky plays Amy Brookheimer, a character known for her neuroticism around everything from food to tech. But in real life, it turns out Chlumsky's approach to eating and smartphones is pretty healthy. Here, the New Yorker shares her favorite eats, brain-boosting app secrets, and more. Catch the sixth season premier of Veep on April 16th.

peanut butter 

“It’s a quick way to get your protein in a pinch.”

yoga mat, block, and bolster 

“Yoga is vital to my wellbeing, both physically and mentally. I love the Yogaglo and Yogadownload sites.”

omega 3’s 


tatcha cleansing oil 

“After a performance on stage or a day on set, there is nothing better and cleaner-feeling than wiping off that make-up with this oil and a hot wash cloth.”
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“Probiotics, please!”

coconut oil and coconut milk

“Coconut oil is my skin cure-all, and coconut milk is my, ahem, bowel cure-all.” 

fresh fruit and juice 

“My in-laws got me in the habit of always having fresh fruit ready to eat throughout the day. It keeps you out of snacking trouble. If I’m not in a place I can prepare fresh fruit, it’s fresh juice. I’m a convert to the fad.”

moodkit and headspace apps 

“Who knew technology could help out our minds? These are super handy and instrumental in keeping the peace.” 
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