The best sweatproof makeup

From blush to foundation, here are 8 cosmetics for athletes.

If your makeup could withstand your fitness routine, you'd save quite a bit of time reapplying it after a mid-day workout or before an event post-evening cyclingclass. But, traditional products tend to melt, smear, and disappear during the process of exercising. While traditional waterproof makeup suffices in some cases, brands are introducing formulations specifically made to be worn during your workout.

Not all of these products are created equal, though, so to save you research time, we tested them out to narrow it down to the very best.

sweat cosmetics illuminator spf 25+ twist-brush, $42

A good highlighter is the perfect way to finish off any look. But finding one that won’t drip off your face as soon as you start to sweat is a challenge. Sweat Cosmetics, which was founded by professional athletes, has a whole line of mineral-based products that will get you through your workout, but also all the other parts of your day.
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glossier boy brow, $16

Keeping your brows groomed is important, but traditional brow gels can end up on other parts of your face by the time you’ve finished your workout. Though there are a ton of pigmented waterproof options out there, this clear, pocket-sized one from Glossier stands out from the pack. It will keep your arches in place, but you don’t have to worry about getting streaky when you inevitably touch your forehead.
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kjaer weis cream blush, $56

Many people flush easily during high intensity exercise, so having a cheek color that’s subtle is key. The texture of this certified-organic cream blush is perfectly dewy, and you’ll notice that once you start exercising (and sweating), it will match the natural sheen of your skin. This formula is also buildable, meaning you can use just a little bit for a subdued effect, or add more for a more dramatic look outside the gym.
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arrow energize skin tint, $22

Some might opt for foundation at the gym, but this lightweight skin tint will give you a similar effect that’s more sweat-friendly. It evens out redness and makes blemishes less obvious, but it’s so natural-looking that it keeps the fact that you’re wearing makeup under wraps.
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tahnyc translucent silk powder, $68

You can think of this as skincare and makeup in one, since it gives you a hint of a glow while also absorbing excess oil, whether it’s produced by perspiration or your natural skin type. Apply it under or over makeup, or wear it on its own.
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beauty bakerie lip whip, $20

The packaging of this lip color might be cutesy, but don’t be fooled: It is seriously tough stuff. This product claims to be sweat-, water-, smudge-, and basically everything-proof and it actually performed: Not only did it stand up to an hour-long circuit, but it lasted through a meal afterwards, too.
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it cosmetics bye-bye under eye illumination anti-aging concealer, $24

When a tinted moisturizer or serum isn’t cutting it, this handy product will take care of any under-eye situation you have going on. It’s luminous but not too shiny, and can be used on other areas of your face, too. Since it's waterproof, sweat beads are no match for it.
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beauty for real i-line waterproof eyeliner, $14

This waterproof liner passed the towel test: wipe your sweaty face with a white one, and you won’t find any black residue. Outside of the gym, it's ideal for creating cat-eye flicks, tightlining, and even doing smokier looks since it’s smudgeable for up to ten seconds after you apply it.
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