4 sustainable food delivery services

Pick the exact steer you want to consume and more.

From the latest books to a new dog, you can get almost anything delivered straight to your doorstep. Food is no exception. Thanks to the rise of produce and protein delivery services, athletes can conveniently bring the farmer's market to them. Here, four to try now that feature healthy, ethically raised eats.

butcher box

Mike Salguero created Butcher Box to make it easy and affordable for people all over the country to buy meat that is, in his words, “100% grass-fed, grass-finished, pasture-raised, antibiotic- and hormone-free, and animal welfare-approved.” Consumers choose from five different boxes of ethically raised meat, including ground beef, chicken breasts, and pork loin, to be delivered monthly.
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farm to people

If you live in parts of New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, D.C., Connecticut, or Virginia, you can subscribe to get weekly deliveries of seasonal produce and protein that’s been culled from a selection of small, high-quality farmers across the U.S. Expertly curated boxes of artisanal, small-batch pantry items are available nationwide. According to co-founder Michael Robinov, the idea is to provide customers with hard-to-find ingredients that will guide and inspire their cooking.
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farmbox direct

The company offers USDA-certified organic, locally-sourced boxes of fruits and vegetables to customers all over the country. The boxes come in three sizes to minimize food waste. Plus, juicing aficionados can pick from three different boxes filled with the ingredients needed to create green, orange, or red juices.
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crowd cow

Working with small, independent rangers, all of whom are vetted for ethical and sustainable farming practices, Crowd Cow auctions off cuts of meat from individual animals. "We tell consumers, ‘we have a steer up for sale and you can take what you want,’” says Crowd Cow’s Laura Troyani. “It’s a great way for customers to know where their food comes from and what they’re getting.”
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