My healthy: Josh Udashkin

7 travel essentials from the CEO of Raden

Lost (or over-the-weight-limit) luggage or a drained iPhone battery can put a damper on even the most seasoned jet setter's travels. In order to address these frustrations, Josh Udashkin founded Raden, a sleek tech-forward suitcase line. Linked through an app, travelers can check their bag’s weight, where it is in transit, or charge a cell phone through its two USB ports. Here, the globe trotter shares his five voyage must-haves.

marvis ginger mint toothpaste

"I have a closet of travel-sized goodies that I bring with me whenever I am on the move. This toothpaste is perfect for waking up after the red-eye and feeling refreshed."
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tory sport headbands

"These are great for when I'm breaking a sweat on the road."
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peanut butter rxbar

"This is one of my favorite healthy snacks to take on the plane."
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converse chuck taylor

"A staple of my ‘uniform,’ I never travel with fewer than one pair on my feet and one pair in my carry-on. Going for a brisk walk around a new destination is a great way to explore the city and stay fit."
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raden laundry bag

"I never travel without taking multiple Raden laundry bags with me. I need somewhere to put all of my clothes after a workout."
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master & dynamic mh40 over-ear headphones black metal

“I’m on the road so much that having great headphones is a must. I had to splurge on these.”
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sisley nutritive lip balm

"This is the perfect way to prevent lips from getting dry on long-haul trips."
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