My healthy: Andy Grammer

How running helps the star stay in shape on the road, and more

Whether you’re a fan of “Fresh Eyes” (which has suprassed 140 million streams on Spotify), “Good to be Alive,” or “Honey, I’m Good,” there’s a solid chance one of Andy Grammer’s hit songs has helped you grind through astrength training routine or run. And appropriately, the singer himself is a runner. Outside of his fitness routine, the star also focuses on eating clean—meaning no refined sugar at all. Here, he shares his sugar-free “indulgences,” must-have sleep tools, travel essentials, and more. Stay tuned for his new album that drops in June for more workout playlist inspiration.


“This is easy to do on tour. I usually like to run away from the tour bus at least two to three miles so then I have to run back.”

club soda

“I am doing a year of no refined sugar so soda water is kind of like my treat that isn't bad for me. Sometimes I drink too much of it and need to chill out, but I've actually trained myself to enjoy it.”

noise-cancelling headphones

“These are huge on flights. This is my time to dig into podcasts, books on tape, or catch up TV. The hum of the plane makes it tough to hear so these are a lifesaver.”

neck pillow

“I am a neck pillow enthusiast. A good neck pillow is literally the difference between sleep and no sleep for me. I have a closet full of them at home. My wife makes fun of me constantly for it but I have no shame. A good neck pillow is everything.”

french bulldogs

“Dogs are so important to me because they keep me in the moment. They don’t care about all the other stresses in your life. Twenty minutes with either of my frenchies (Lucy and Frankie) chills me out like nothing else can.”

oculus - rift virtual reality headset, $598

“I am a huge fan of VR. I actually brought an Oculus Rift on my bus last tour. I am fascinated by the way it's going to change our world. It's my most indulgent hobby. I have every game and am constantly on top of where it's going.”
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kiehl's facial fuel energizing face wash, $22

“A good face wash is key. I am a sweaty beast on stage and when I get off my face needs a good wipe down. Kiehl’s has some good stuff for men. It leaves you smelling fresh to go meet everybody.”
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