Emmanuel Sanders’ post-Super Bowl recap

We talked to the Houston native and Pro Bowl wide receiver for the Denver Broncos.

From encouraging kids to stay active at the NFL Experience to attending the ESPN party, Emmanuel Sanders enjoyed Super Bowl weekend in his hometown of Houston. However, he admits he was surprised by the outcome of the big game itself; a game he played in and helped to win last year. “While it was hard to watch knowing that I’d rather be playing, my congratulations goes out to an incredible squad,” says Sanders. Here, he talks about his off-season fitness routine, Houston hot spots, game-day foods, and more.

What did you think of the outcome of Super Bowl LI?

My prediction was the Falcons as they had an incredible offense with a lot of great playmakers but at the end of the day the talent and will of Tom Brady can’t be denied. It was an incredible game to watch and a testament to what makes an athlete a hero. You saw will, determination, skill, and great coaching at its finest in that 4th quarter.

How did it feel to have the Super Bowl in your hometown?

It felt good to have it in the city of Houston. All my friends have businesses and clubs and restaurants here and they’re all excited about having everyone coming to town. I recommend Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen and Clé Houston (a nightclub).

What's your off-season diet and fitness routine like? 

I just hired a chef so I’m making sure I eat well. I’m trying to get to year ten in my NFL career so these days I don’t feel like I’m 21 anymore. Everything I eat just sticks to me. I’m trying to change my diet and just get back to working out. I hired a track coach this off-season and I'm trying to work on my form and just keep getting better and better so hopefully next year around this time, I’m playing in the Super Bowl.

What are your favorite foods to eat before a game when you're playing versus when you're spectating? 

When I’m playing, it’s straight chicken, spaghetti, salads, and fruit. When I’m not playing it’s popcorn, candy, alcoholic beverages, etc.

Any words for the Patriots?

Enjoy the feeling fellas because tomorrow I go back to the lab to perfect my craft and hopefully make it back to the big game next year.