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Chilean Patagonia offers exhilarating excursions against an epic backdrop.

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Patagonia epitomizes the ultimate far-flung adventurous destination. In photographs, the landscape seems almost otherworldly—striated mountains pierce the blue sky, rolling hills play host to herds of wild horses, and colossal glaciers carve a unyielding path—and in person, Chilean Patagonia is even more extraordinary. Set in one of the farthest corners of the earth, this region combines thrilling activities withuber-luxe accommodationsand inspires introspection, exploration, and an appreciation for the natural world.


The region’s star attraction is the Torres del Paine National Park. Punctuated by jagged peaks, it also boasts valleys, lakes, and glaciers such as Grey, a massive, opaque blue ice field that is best experienced via a four-hour trek. Adding to the (good) drama is the sense of solitude you’ll experience here—oftentimes the only other life forms you will encounter are passing condors, guanaco, and puma.


Travelers looking for unrivaled hiking, horseback riding, and glacier trekking often have to sacrifice creature comforts to explore remote regions. This is not the case in the Chilean Patagonia, which is home to some of the world’s best properties. Here, after eight-hour excursions, travelers can unwind in A-plus accommodations with gourmet cuisine and stellar spa treatments.

Singular Patagonia

This hotel, on the fringe of southern Patagonia, is the perfect spot to stay for two nights before moving deeper into the region. Set in a former factory, the industrial-cool hotel boasts 54 rooms and is a designated historical monument, complete with original aspects like a Victorian engine room. The property offers a number of activities unique to its location, including kayaking through the fjords, fly-fishing, and sailing.

  • Adventure Moment : Singular’s boat makes excursions to nearby fjords and glaciers, and afterwards, guests are welcomed to the hotel’s private estancia (similar to a ranch).

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Tierra Patagonia

Hugging the rolling hillside, the snake-like Tierra hotel emphasizes the surrounding landscape, and each of its 40 rooms is anchored by a picture window that frames the iconic three peaks of Torres del Paine National Park. Adorned with blonde wood and sheepskin rugs, the rustic-chic accommodations are particularly ideal for families, especially those looking to socialize, as all the excursions are group experiences.

  • Adventure Moment: The Cornisas excursion takes guests to a mountain ridge to watch condors fly overhead. The five-mile hike is moderate in difficulty and offers 360-degree views of the surrounding landscape.

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Awasi Patagonia

One of Patagonia’s most exclusive properties is the 12-villa Awasi, which draws adventurers looking for seclusion and chicly appointed accommodations. The only hotel that offers private excursions, Awasi supplies each of its stand-alone villas with its own vehicle, driver, and guide.

  • Adventure Moment: Awasi offers an exclusive horseback-riding experience at Baguales, a bucolic area 90 minutes northeast of Torres del Paine on the Argentina border. The tour is led by a young, charismatic gaucho whose family has owned land in the area for generations.

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