Travel for… renewal

The American Southwest is known for its wide open spaces—and healing both inside and out.

Furthermore and the travel experts at Indagare have partnered to bring you a three-part travel series covering adventure (Chilean Patagonia), transformation (Indonesia), and renewal (American Southwest).

Oftentimes, the best way to reset is to completely disconnect, and in the American Southwest visitors can experience a desolate landscape in near privacy. (Here, cell service is a luxury, not a given). Home to multiple national parksincluding the Grand Canyon as well as Sedona, a longtime destination for healers and those who come seeking their skills, the region beckons road trippers, hikers, and travelers in search of solitude and rejuvenation.


Some of the best activities include guided treks in the parks and watersports on Lake Powell. But the heart of the region is undoubtedly Sedona, a spiritual town known for its red rocks and large concentration of tarot-card–wielding psychics. Visitors here can enjoy therapies including astrology readings and past-life regression. The area is known for healing ailments inside and out—whether you’ve just changed jobs, gone through a divorce, or experienced the death of a loved one.


Mii amo, Sedona, Arizona

Mii amo, which means “journey” in a Native American language, focuses on one’s personal journey to health and wellness. Boynton Canyon, where the spa is located, is known to have a vortex (or energy field) attracting many of the best alternative therapy practitioners in the country. The area is considered a center for rebirth and rejuvenation by the Native American population who once inhabited the area. For those interested in reiki, past life regressions, astrology or cranial sacral therapy, this is the place to try it. Spa programs last either three, four, or seven days, and the surrounding red rocks provide ample hiking opportunity, so guests can be as sedentary or active as they please.

  • Renewal Moment: Book a psychic massage. One of the healers, Bahkta, has clients who return every year. Many guests feel special energy during treatments and step away with a clearer understanding of themselves.

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Amangiri, Utah

Located on 100 acres in the southeastern Utah desert, Amangiri mimics its environment so closely that the hotel is nearly camouflaged in the rocky, windswept landscape. Comprised of a series of low-rise buildings, this 34-room escape is the most luxurious way to experience the wild southwest. Guests can navigate the surrounding acreage with expert guides, hop in one of the property’s complimentary BMWs for a midday jaunt, or unwind with the personal trainer or a dedicated masseuse at the wellness center.

  • Renewal Moment: Spend a full day at the 25,000 square-foot spa, which boasts a water pavilion with hydrotherapy rooms, a watsu pool offering water shiatsu, and outdoor treatment terraces.

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