Toothbrushes 2.0

Step up your oral hygiene routine.

Most of us think about changing toothbrushes only once or twice a year—when they're offered in the goodie bag at the dentist's office. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, three out of four people change their toothbrushes less frequently than they should (which is every three to four months, according to the American Dental Association). But thanks to technological advances including smart toothbrushes, subscription services, and targeted toothpastes and rinses, we’ve not only largely replaced standard toothbrushes with electric versions, but we also have a plethora of new ways to keep our teeth and gums healthy at home.

When it comes to choosing the right toothbrush, Edita Outericka, D.M.D., a dentist at Dynamic Dental in Mansfield, MA advises: “You want to look for the sonic type of vibration, where you can let the toothbrush do the work. The vibration destroys staining that sits in grooves in the teeth, brushes out bacteria, and breaks it down much more easily.”

Pair this with two minutes of brushing twice a day, daily flossing, and tongue scraping, and you should feel pretty good about your oral upkeep. Here, high-tech toothbrushes.

foreo issa, $199

Between a lightweight, ergonomic design; flexible brush head; and soft, silicon bristles, the Foreo Issa does the job gently without damaging the gums. “Silicon has the strength to clean and the flexibility to move around tissue,” says Outericka, who adds that this brush is particularly good for those with sensitive teeth and gums. Plus, silicon is ultra-hygienic as compared to nylon, which means the brush head only requires replacement once a year.
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goby, $65 subscription kit

This subscription service sends new brush heads your way every one to three months when you purchase a kit (which includes a brush and brush head). You want to dispose of your brush head after that amount of time because the bristles separate and no longer brush properly, says Outericka. Bonus: A USB charging station helps keep your bathroom counter clutter-free.
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philips sonicare flexcare platinum connected, $189

Track your teeth with Philips’ bluetooth-connected Sonicare. Paired with an app, this smart brush offers everything from personalized coaching and progress reports (yes, really) to feedback based on location, pressure, and scrubbing sensors. It’s basically like having a hygienist in your home. Says Outericka: “You’ll never get your teeth as clean as we do, but this can teach you how to get close.”
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prophix, $400

The first smart video toothbrush and app might sound like the making of a horror film to some, but for gadget geeks, it takes dental care to a whole new level. Armed with attachments like a mirror and a rubber picking tip, this model shows a live feed of your mouth on your phone. The device snaps pictures of problem areas so you know where to focus your attention and records any changes over time to share with your dentist.
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quip, $25 subscription kit

Coined the Tesla and Uber of toothbrushes, this sleek option comes in six electric styles (in both plastic and metal) and vibrates instead of spinning. Like Goby, it’s the seamless subscription model (toothpaste included) that makes Quip stand out, in addition to an elegant design and affordable price point.
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