My Friendsgiving: Natalie and Dylana Suarez

The sisters and bloggers share how'll they'll celebrate Thanksgiving with friends.

If you follow New York City-based model Natalie Suarez and her sister, Dylana, on social media, then you know the duo spends most of their time jet-setting and attending chic events around the city—often surrounded by a tight-knit group of close friends. But the stylish sisters (who each also run two successful blogs, including Natalie Off Duty) also enjoy a chill night in. So, we asked them to give us the details on their version of a perfect Friendsgiving dinner party:

on the menu

"We'll go with the usual fixings: Maple-glazed turkey with gravy, mashed sweet potatoes, beet and goat cheeses salad, grilled brussels sprouts, and pecan pie with whipped Cream. Friendsgiving is all about bringing something that's special to you. So we'll bring our favorite, which is the homemade crispy pecan pie."

what we're drinking

"Red wine. It's classic and goes so well with the maple-glazed turkey. We also love a good hot toddy. Anything that warms your stomach is perfect for a Friendsgiving dinner."

the décor

"Lots of tall candles in the middle of a long table, along with touches of red, which is one of our favorite colors. Candles are sexy and cozy with dim lighting. We also love setting the table up with a lot of fruits for our guests to pick at as well. Think grapes, strawberries, and pomegranates. They can be healthy snacks before dinner."

the guest list

"All of our Brooklyn friends. We're all NYC transplants from all over the world, so Friendsgiving is important to us because we're each other's families. Plus it's a lot of fun cooking with your friends."

what we're listening to

"When cooking, we love Motown. It's romantic, but also brings such positive vibes. And it's music you can dance to. Think Marvin Gaye, The Righteous Brothers and The Temptations. Towards the end of the night, we like to wind down with The Rollings Stones, The Doors, and Bob Dylan."