The new podcasts for your workout

Nine more to add into your rotation

It's easy to get stuck in an exercising rut—and that applies to your workout soundtrack, too. We're fans of mixing it up with a podcast, and these new ones pair perfectly well with running that extra mile on the treadmill, conquering the rowing machine, or powering through your squats. Whether you're looking for a good scare, something to think about, or laugh out loud moments, these nine podcasts will definitely spice up your workout.

alice isn’t dead

This serial thriller podcast will keep you so hooked that you'll want to immediately listen to the next episode. Translation: It's a great one to binge-listen to during a long run. The fictional story narrates a truck driver's search across America for the wife she assumed was dead; and she encounters a lot of spooky scenes on her journey. The first half is currently available, with part two launching in 2017.
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monocycle with leandra medine by man repeller

A natural extension of a popular blog is a podcast, so it was a no-brainer for Leandra Medine (aka The Man Repeller) to launch this talker. She tackles a variety of topics that range—from relationships to being your own boss—in a way that makes you feel like you're having coffee talk with your best friend.
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how i built this from npr

When it comes to inspiring podcasts this one is at the top of the list. Whether you're an entrepreneur or simply have a curious mind, How I Built This walks you through the failures and successes of the most prosperous brands and companies of our time, as told by their founders. Recent episodes feature the founders of Instagram, Airbnb, Spanx and more.
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anna faris is unqualified

Actress Anna Faris (Mom, The House Bunny) is the first to admit she's not really qualified to be giving relationship advice. But that doesn't stop her from doing just that on this podcast. On each episode, a celebrity guest (Katie Couric, Rachel Bloom and Courtney Love have recently appeared on the show) joins Faris to answer questions from callers, while talking about their own experiences with life, work, and—of course—love.
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keepin’ it 1600

Few podcasts are as time relevant as this one. Jon Favreau, Dan Pfeiffer, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor—all former aides to President Obama—talk about all things related to the upcoming presidential elections in November. The Washington insiders offer valuable insight and understanding of what's really going on with Clinton and Trump.
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beautiful stories from anonymous people

According to comedian Chris Gethard, talking to strangers can be a good thing. On each episode, he opens his phone line to an anonymous caller, and he can't hang up first. The hour-long conversations range from revealing secrets to family confessions and political discussions to philosophical insights—each one riveting in their own way.
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who? weekly

D-list celebrities don't get enough time in the spotlight, but this podcast aims to change that. Hosts Bobby Finger and Lindsey Weber are dedicated to talking about the people you kind of recognize, but still have no clue about. From overnight Internet sensation Ken Bonne to fallen stars like Mischa Barton, this show comically covers the people you probably won't read about in the gossip magazines.
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2 dope queens

There's a reason why this podcast has a Broad City vibe to it: it's produced by Ilana Glazer. The show features former Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams and her friend Phoebe Robinson as they discuss sex, race, and the highs and lows of living in New York City. Celebrity guests like Glazer, Jon Stewart and Eric Andre often drop by to take part in the discussions.
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the black tapes

If sprinting on the treadmill doesn't get your heart rate up, this spooky podcast might do the trick. The docudrama narrates the story of reporter Alex Reagan and her quest to investigate some mysterious unsolved cases involving paranormal activity, ghosts and other ghoulish subjects. If you're a fan of The X-Files, you'll like this one.
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