No-cook post-workout recipes

Heavy on the protein, light on the effort

Immediately following a workout, sometimes you're starving, sometimes you're not. But good science says you'll need a hit of nutrition. And good sense says you'll lack energy to go too extravagant on dinner. Here, Lauren Gerrie, co-owner of bigLITTLE Get Together, a New York-based culinary company (and Marc Jacobs's private chef), gives us three post-workout meals that rate high on protein and deliciousness, and low and time and effort.

Recipe: Salmon Ceviche, Red Onion and Spinach Avocado Mousse

Recipe: Herbs, Corn and Cashew Salad with Sausage

Recipe: Sugar Snap Peas with Kelp Noodles and Tarragon

Photos by Julia Garland