7 styling tips for sculpted bodies

The gym got you to this point, and these spring 2017 looks from New York Men's Fashion Week will take you even further.

New York Fashion Week: Men’s closed yet another season, debuting the latest collections for spring/summer 2017. Big trends such as dusty gender-neutral colors and satin fabrics led the runways. Also of note were the models, who were more diverse—in age and body-type—further showcasing that fit matters most when dressing today’s man. Here, our favorite looks made for all types, plus simple ways to elevate your existing wardrobe.


Unless you're wearing all black, you should avoid wearing the same exact color throughout your entire outfit. Play with shades of the same spectrum in different textures in order to appear taller.

todd snyder

Plaid, usually a fall/winter pattern, can be worn year-round in this windowpane pattern. And if you’re looking to add bulk or width to your chest and shoulders, the dynamic squares give you that illusion. Show off your clavicle by keeping your shirt unbuttoned a couple of spots (at most) at the top and ensure your short sleeves hang at right above your elbows (if you need extra structure, cuff once or twice on the seam).

michael bastian

For short-of-stature men, a V-shape helps to elongate the body. Don a double-breasted jacket, which easily cinches at the waist, but be mindful of the fabric: Stockier fellows should lean towards thinner materials to avoid even more bulk. Also, make sure your lapel is around two or three inches to keep your jacket modern and stick to linens or seersucker materials for warmer months.

john elliott

Proportion plays a big role in both the style of your wardrobe and the illusion you're trying to create. If you go looser on top with a hoodie or bomber, opt for a more structured fit on the bottom and vice versa. To make your torso appear longer, work in an additional thin layer in a neutral color that's slightly lighter than the top layer.

n. hoolywood

A collar manipulation is the key to showing off your neck or adding more bulk or length. Try a band collar version or eliminate it entirely. Drift towards crew necks rather than V-necks, as a rounder outline will frame the base of your neck more substantially. Black looks great in casual wear, but shades of navy and combinations of black and navy together are polished, in both dressed up and casual contexts.

timo weiland

Use an extreme contrast like black and white in your favor. A shirt that features heavy vertical stripes in your center and keeps other areas in a opposite solid color throughout makes you appear svelter (this is Fashion 101). Footwear should also match the color of your trousers, which helps elongate your stature.

siki im

If you’re tall and slim, wearing different pieces in contrasting colors and different lengths will make you look like less of a beanpole. Sleeves in different shades also look great as they break up your body in sections, which makes you appear broader.
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