Fashion-meets-function golf gear

It's not just about looking the part (but you can still look the part).

Becoming a better golfer takes dozens of trips to the links, a commitment to overall fitness and a set of clubs that works for you. After you've squared away those prerequisites, you can concern yourself with golf's other trappings. As the game progressed from pastime to sport, the gear went from unimposing and uniform to technical and mod. Turn heads at the clubhouse, but make sure your game can stand up to the attention.

ladies' kara engineered pullover, $250

If you're playing in coastal places like the Pacific Northwest or the British Isles, you’re bound to encounter variable wind and temperature. A wool layer breathes when it’s warm out and retains body heat when it’s cold. This made-for-golfing pullover has a wide neck to accommodate a requisite collared shirt and an understated modernity to keep you fashionable without upsetting the old-timers.
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bogner sport golf pants richy, $499

The slacks you wear to dinner won’t do on the links since they’re not forgiving enough for sport and may promote chafing. This pair’s lightweight, has UVB protection, allows for movement around the waistband and, most importantly, has zipper pockets, so you’re not left retracing your steps looking for lost car keys or a wedding ring.
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nike air zoom 90 it, $175

With typical golf shoes, wearing them off the course was a no-no since it ruined the spikes. Not so with the rubber sole treads on this recently released, Rory McIlroy-inspired model. They have many of their namesake Nike Air Max 90 features, such as underfoot cushioning and a waterproof upper (useful for when you're in the rough). Plus, how often are golf shoes described as "fresh as hell?"
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mercedes-benz style edition garia golf car, <i>price upon request</i>

Do you need a luxury golf cart? No. God, no. But Mercedes-Benz, in collaboration with golf cart designer Garia, has turned that charming jalopy we’re all so fond of into what they call a “real sports car,” replete with 14-inch wheels, a digital display and a big enough battery to go 50 miles.
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steurer & jacoby pencil style club carrier, $750

Set aside that branded bag that was thrown in with your new set of clubs for one that recalls a time when woods were actually made out of wood. The American-made, handcrafted bags have all the pockets and holders you need without the bulk of a lot of the ones you see at the driving range.
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oakley thinlink prizm golf

The proper glasses aren’t just a matter of style or UV protection (though these provide both). They also help your eyes pick up gradations in the landscape, which is helpful when you’re reading the greens on a bright day. These sunnies subtly wrap around and comfortably hug the sides of your head so as not to slide down your nose mid-swing.
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garmin approach x40, $250

New for summer, this golf band tracks both you and your game. It has the exact specifications for 40,000 courses worldwide so you know exactly what to expect before you tee off. And no more stubby pencils and paper scorecards either, since the unit counts your strokes so you can track your game, as well as share your stats (a.k.a. compete) among friends. Plus it has all of those other Garmin wearable features, like a heart rate monitor and activity tracker.
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