8 summer cooking gadgets

Design-minded. Highly functional. Seasonally appropriate.

Wintertime is about luxuriating over a slow-cooked supper. Summertime, on the other hand, places a premium on extricating oneself from the kitchen and maximizing time spent outdoors. Here, a round-up of some of our favorite gadgets that help you make the most of the season's food, drink and fresh air.

philips viva digital airfryer, $300

Summer salads are divine, but there will still be snacking going on. Make it healthier with an air fryer: Brush a little oil onto kale, tortilla wedges, even pineapple rings and proteins like chicken or fish.
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cold bruer, $80

On long summer weekends, schlepping to your favorite cold brew spot near the office isn’t an option. Bruer’s stacked, slow-drip method produces coffee that's less bitter. And unlike other at-home cold brewers, this one travels and uses filters for easy clean-up.
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food huggers, $10 and up

Avocados are among the least store-able fruits, requiring them to be eaten whole or not at all. But these ingenious reusable produce covers form an airtight seal to ensure that neither your avocados, nor any other demi-produce goes to waste.
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cuisinart fruit scoop, $100

A riff on açai bowls, frozen fruit 'ice cream' is the dessert of Summer 2016. This unit will do that, plus frozen yogurt, ice cream and frozen drinks if you're looking to live a little.
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eva solo garlic press, $100

This summer, experiment with the multitude of garlic varieties found at your farmers' market or specialty store using this sleek and user-friendly garlic press. (As in: No more cleaning out your garlic press with a toothbrush.)
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magisso citrus reamer, $45

Use either end of this pear-shaped, stainless steel juicer depending on the size of your citrus. And let it sit on your countertop in its bamboo pedestal for the sake of visual intrigue.
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mellow sous vide machine, $400

Summer is synonymous with grilling, but sometimes you don't want to fire up the barbie. Enter the sous vide of the future (fittingly, it's available for pre-order). Mellow connects to your Wi-Fi, so that you can cook remotely. It even acts as a refrigeration device, keeping food fresh until you're ready to cook. And it's handsomer than a pool boy.
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