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Four skincare treatments that feature lasers, lights, and more.

In the past, the only kind of technology you'd find in a facial room was a steam wand. But lately, skincare gurus are turning to techy gadgets and machines to get better results. “Technology is changing the skincare game in many ways,” says Sarah Garland, senior manager of planning at Equinox Spas. “Desired results can be achieved in a shorter period of time, and tech makes spa treatments more effective in a single session.” Here, four of the best high-tech facials that employ the latest top-of-the-line, high-tech skincare tools.

laser & light facial

All you need are fifteen minutes when you book a session at this popular skincare boutique (with locations in California, New York, and Hong Kong). The quick treatment features the YAG laser, which cleans the skin by vaporizing debris and other pollutants on the surface and deep within the pores. It also breaks down discoloration and stimulates collagen, allowing skin to rejuvenate at a faster rate, which also helps to smooth and tighten the skin. After the laser, an intense pulsed light is used to kill acne-causing bacteria and even out skin tone. This facial is designed to be done frequently (every week or so) as skin maintenance.
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elemis biotec facial

Exclusive to Equinox Spa locations at Highland Park in Texas and West 76th Street in NYC, this 50-minute treatment features a Elemis BioTec machine that can deliver five different modalities: Ultra-sonic, micro-current, galvanic, light therapy, and oxygen. A skincare expert helps you determine whether your skin needs more of a lift, smoothing out, brightening, or a deeper cleanse, and adjusts the machine accordingly to get the desired effect. The rest of the session includes face masks, extractions, and a mini massage.
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repêchage biolight miracle facial

This luxury skincare spa is popular with many Chicago socialites who seek access to the Biologique Recherche Remodeling Face Machine. The device is featured prominently during this 50-minute session, and uses electrical micro-currents and products from French skincare company Biologique Recherche to stimulate the outer layer of skin cells and promote other anti-aging benefits.
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oxylight anti-aging facial

Celebrity facialist Joanna Czech set up shop in Dallas, Texas in October 2015—but still makes house calls to high-profile clients on the coasts. All of her facials are popular at her spa, but the ones that incorporate Oxylight LED therapies are most noteworthy. The machine features different LED hues to treat different skincare needs. For instance, blue deals with acne, red stimulates cells, and green helps improves pigmentation. While the LED lights rotate, a high-tech vitamin-infused oxygen spray is administered to oxygenate and tighten the skin.
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