6 good-for-your-hair heating tools

New technology in the hair world is softening the locker room blow.

The styling products we turn to post-workout—think the hairdryers you use in most locker rooms—often wreak havoc on our hair.

But you don't have to go cold turkey with hot tools. You just have to know what to look for: ceramic plates, air heat, and products that boast heat protection, says cosmetic chemist Ginger King. Heat is better controlled on ceramic plates than it is with metal, she explains. Skip tools that don’t tell you how hot they get, too: “Any product that has no temperature control setting is questionable as it may get overheated,” King says.

"And any time you heat up your hair, use a heat protection spray with meadowfoam seed oil or wheat protein for added protection," she adds. Pair it with one of these hot tools and give your hair a break:

dyson supersonic, $400

King says the technology in this vacuum cleaner company’s hair dryer is actually quite impressive. Quieter and smaller than most products on the market, this dryer utilizes a heat shield technology to keep attachments cool; and offers up a strong, directed stream of airflow, which subpar tools tend to lack. “Air heat is the most natural and the least damaging,” she adds. Don’t worry about one set temp frying your locks either: The dryer is equipped with a glass bead thermistor that measures the temp hitting your hair 20 times a second. It can intelligently adjust on its own if things get too hot. Expected September 2016.
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bio ionic curl expert pro curling iron, $130

The longer barrel on this curling iron has two benefits for getting ready in a rush: faster curling and the ability to work wider sections of hair at once. Bioceramic heaters also produce constant heat (side-stepping uneven areas of an iron that can lead to burning). Plus, the product is infused with natural volcanic rock minerals that emit negative ions, sending tiny water molecules deep into your mane. That means while your tresses heat up they, too, trap moisture. The final look is sleek, hydrated, and conditioned.
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dafni hair straightening ceramic brush, $200

The main issue with the average flat iron is that it can heat up to 450 degrees, crushing strands between two plates, causing damage and dreaded split ends. Enter DAFNI, a hair-straightening brush that hits a peak temp of 365 degrees (industry pros often considered this ideal digit for performance without sacrifice). The general gist: Running hair freely through the bristles enacts less harm in less time. DAFNI promises to smooth even frizzy locks faster than the flat iron. To boot, it’s ceramic, notes King.
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remington t-studio protect straightener, $83

It is possible to have silky strands from a straightener. You just have to choose wisely. While you work this straightener through your hair, a cool vapor sends misty moisture straight to your strands, keeping heat damage at bay (crucial considering the iron can reach 450 degrees). The company claims that the vapor-infused tech can serve up to 90 percent more frizz control and 68 percent more protection from breakage compared to straightening products on the market.
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ghd ceramic vented radial brush, $53

A ceramic brush can get seriously hot, which may not seem ideal for cooling down the styling process. But it is: A barrel that retains heat also cuts back on drying time. And all health gurus know that damage is usually a result of excess exposure over time. ghd’s vented option comes in three sizes and can work through every tress-type from fine to course.
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t3 voluminous hot rollers, $99

With top-notch tech like a high-powered ceramic heater and an aluminum core, each roller reaches 250 degrees in just three minutes, locking heat in evenly for fast (and frizz-free results). You won’t feel it though: Ionic, infrared heat transfers energy to your locks, safely penetrating the hair shaft from the inside out—which makes it less damaging for your hair. These contemporary curlers claim to offer no dents, no slippage, no damage.
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