What's in for 2016

It's going to be the year of rejuvenation. And Spandex.

With the end of the year, holiday festivities are giving way to the season of resolutions. And as important as it is to do a little year-in-review, we thought it would be more fun to look forward and ask: How are we going to make this upcoming year our healthiest, most productive, and plugged-in yet? We went to the experts to find out.

go hard…most of the time <br>

We’re about to see a move toward recovery and regeneration. In part, it’s a reaction to the extreme fitness movement. “For the last couple of years, there has been an overriding perception that in order to get in shape, see results, or just train in general, that you had to go ‘beast mode’ or ‘crush it,’” says Matthew N. Berenc, director of the Equinox Training Institute. “By honoring the ideas of recovery and regeneration, people will see better and longer-lasting results. And everyone can benefit from moving away from high intensity all the time and instead varying workout levels and planned recovery."

play mind games <br>

Principles of mindfulness — trendy in corporate circles for a few years now — will continue to mesh with the fitness world. “The science and importance of regeneration is becoming ever more important in the typical fast paced life that is filled with technology and information,” says Alex Zimmerman, director of Equinox’s T4 program, “This practice is essentially 2,500 years old, but is now being rebranded in a way that connects with people. It's not so much about meditation as it is about becoming comfortable in your own skin, something all of us could use a bit more of.”

the sleep diet <br>

It may seem obvious, but sleep is going to be an important part of recovery in 2016, according Jennifer L. Martin, PhD, a clinical psychologist and sleep specialist in Los Angeles and a member of the Q Advisory Board. “New research shows that sleep loss can impact a person's ability to achieve and maintain a healthy weight,” says Martin. “This is because sleep deficiency leads people to crave and consume calorie dense foods and the biological impacts of sleep loss make it challenging for the body to efficiently use food as fuel.” So remember, putting in an extra hour of sleep may be just as important as putting in an extra hour at the gym.

your trainer's always watching you <br>

If you’ve ever worn a fitness tracker for a while, then given it up, you might need your trainer to double as Big Brother. Wellness in the coming year will be highly influenced by the rise of wearable fitness trackers and mobile apps, says Brian St. Pierre, MS, RD, CSCS, Director of Performance Nutrition at Precision Nutrition. “This technology is growing rapidly, as it allows coaches to monitor their clients on an ongoing basis, not just when they come in for a session. They can send their clients educational content, habits to practice, monitor their consistency and body comp changes, etc.” More and more gyms and trainers are adopting the ever-growing range of tech options as well, making every visit a smart workout.

spandex and sweats still reign <br>

One of the biggest women’s wear trends of 2015 — athleisure — shows no sign of slowing down in 2016, with megabrands and high-end designers alike turning out gym gear that’s wearable all day. For men, casual clothing is also getting a lift. “There’s a strong menswear direction to play with opposing shapes, fitted tops with baggy bottoms and also fitted bottoms with baggier tops,” says designer Lucio Castro. “There’s a sense of easiness and comfort that is a reflection of the new masculine ideal, dealing with a compassionate view of our complex world.” Designer David Hart expects more-or-less the same thing to carry over to formal wear. “Color for men is back in a big way for spring and suits are loosening up. Mohair and linen suits are going to be the staple for guys that want to dress up.”