Celebrity playlist: JoJo

The singer is finally back with a new mixtape and singles.

After many years away (due to a lengthy legal battle with her former record label), JoJo returned to the music scene earlier this year with a proper release. Her "thringle" of three new songs, features the catchy "When Love Hurts," a tune especially popular in group fitness classes. "The Swiss Beats remix of the song came on in a bootcamp class I was taking, and, can't lie, it made me work that much harder," she says. The singer surprised fans this holiday season with #LOVEJOJO2, a new mixtape, which should hold music lovers over until she releases her full-length album in 2016. And in the meantime, JoJo curated a workout playlist for us. Featuring songs by Ty Dolla $ign, RuPaul, The Internet ("Their song is a good way to start some interval cardio," JoJo says), and more, this collection is great for just about any type of workout. Check it out below or stream JoJo's playlist on Spotify.