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This just might be the easiest way to de-stress.

Plenty of medical studies have proven that art heals. For instance, a report from a few years ago concluded that art therapy helped adult cancer patients see decreases in symptoms of physical and emotional stress during their treatments.

But it’s not just those battling serious diseases who are seeing the benefits from creating art. Adult coloring books have become a major trend this year, in part because the act of coloring is meditative and allows you to de-stress. "It's a movement meditation that brings you into the present moment," says Kimberly Wulfert, PhD, a clinical psychologist and meditation teacher based in Ventura, California. "Thinking is at a minimum when filling in empty spaces with colors you like; it's akin to meditating on your breath," Wulfert adds. Sophisticated coloring books that feature everything from nature scenes to pop culture icons are creeping up best-seller and holiday wish lists alike.

In a week where many eyes are focused on art (hello, Art Basel Miami), we’re stocking up on the best adult coloring books and de-stressing while channeling our inner-artists.

the lost ocean: an inky adventure and coloring book, $13.50

Johanna Basford, the best-selling artist who previously created coloring books devoted to enchanted forests and secret gardens, takes her art under the sea for her latest release. Mindfully focus on filling in the intricate pen and ink illustrations, which feature everything from exotic fish to barnacle-studded shipwrecks.
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the official a game of thrones coloring book, $10

As the motto from the popular HBO series goes, "winter is coming." And instead of freaking out about the snow, just relax indoors and color Jon Snow.
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colour me swiftly, $11

Meditate on the perfect lip color for Taylor—but if the 'Shake It Off' singer stresses you out, check out the British author's additional coloring books devoted to Ryan Gosling, Harry Styles, and other meme-worthy celebs.
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outside the lines, $14

This popular coloring book features drawings by Keith Haring, Shepard Fairey, Ryan McGinness, and more. It's a must for any art lover. BUY IT >

splendid cities, $11

The subtitle of this book is "Color Your Way to Calm," so expect a soothing tour of the world via elaborately drawn illustrations.
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