Why your skin needs almond oil

The beauty industry's buzziest ingredient is literally nuts.

Move over argan—beauty and grooming experts have found their latest oil du jour. Almond oil has recently been found in many new products and spa treatments for its incredibly hydrating and Vitamin-rich (E, B2, and B6 are just some of them) properties. Petra Roberts, the Group Spa Manager at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, says that “due to all the great nutrients [almond] has, it produces a firming effect on the outmost layer of the skin, keeping it moisturized and soft.” At Mandarin Oriental’s recently opened Marrakech property, the 30-minute Precious Honey treatment uses real almond pieces (locally sourced in Morocco) to exfoliate while sweet almond oil leaves skin at its silkiest. But if you can’t make it to Morocco, head to your nearest beauty shop; many of them are stocking products that call on the power of almond to improve skin and hair quality. And according to Mandi Vance, Manager of Education at Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, the oil is good for every skin type. “The soothing, calming properties of almond make it gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin,” she says. Here, five of the best almond oil products to try.

dr. hauschka almond st. john’s wort oil, $29

Massage this body oil onto the skin and transform dryness into a soft and supple exterior. It’s also perfect for addressing sensitivity issues, soothing away any irritations and relieving redness and itchiness.
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perlier white almond firming butter, $40

Made with cold-pressed almonds from Sicily, this body butter is packed with Vitamin E plus essential fatty acids that treat unsightly dry skin—perfect for winter. In addition to hydrating, it’s also known to tighten skin with added elasticity so use it on potentially problematic areas such as arms, legs and your midsection.
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phyto phytoplage protective sun veil, $30

It’s not just your skin that needs sun protection, your hair does, too. The combination of sunflower extract, mahwa butter, white lotus extract, and sweet almond oil in this spray helps shield hair from harmful UV rays that might strip it of its color. Bonus: the almond oil here nourishes the hair cuticle which leads to long, shiny locks.
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burt's bees almond milk beeswax hand crème, $9

Having soft, smooth hands is always a must, and this rich, salve-like creme partners cold-pressed sweet almond oil with Vitamin E to transform even the most rough-worn mitts into hands-so-soft. Top the formula off with Burt’s trademark super-conditioning beeswax, and your palms and fingers will always be at their very best.
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musgo real pre-shave oil, $30

This century-old Portuguese grooming brand combines grape seed oil with almond oil for a pre-shave formula that simultaneously smoothes and protects the skin. The gel softens the beard, which not only allows for easy shaving but also significantly reduces razor burn.
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