Celebrity playlist: David Cook

The singer and 'American Idol' winner shares his soundtrack for a successful workout.

On his just-released album, Digital Vein, singer-songwriter David Cooksticks to a mostly upbeat set of rock songs. And when he hits the gym, Cook doesn't really steer too far from the genre. For this playlist, Cook chose the best workout songs from the likes of Muse, Marilyn Manson and Failure—all perfect tunes for an intense cardio session or a long run. In fact, he picked "Francafrique" by the band Refused because it's a "killer song for any distance runs." "It has a great groove to it," Cook says, "which can help distract you from the gut busters you get around mile six or seven." "A Million Days" by Big Wreck is one of Cook's favorite cool-down songs, but he also admits it's a good one to listen to while lifting weights. "It helps me not to rush through reps," he says. Check out the singer's complete playlist below.