Why yogis need their own beauty products

We're testing a new grooming line that's aimed to keep your Savasana going all day.

Leave it to a seasoned beauty industry exec who once worked as a cocoa-and-coffee-buyer in West Africa’s bush to come up with a sustainable, first-of-its-kind grooming line designed to improve not just your appearance but your yoga practice as well.

“When I left my position at Aveda, my wife Suzanne and I both took a break and got certified as yogis on the island of Amorgos in Greece. Yoga is really a lifestyle now and we felt there was a real need for this type of brand,” says Yuni founder, Emmanuel Rey. Informal polls and feedback from fellow practitioners and friends lead to common themes. How do you practice daily without work getting in the way? And how do you prolong the positive post-class feeling?

“You may have time for the class but not the extra time needed to shower and get back to work for a 2pm meeting,” says Rey. “People also noted that they felt fantastic for a couple hours after yoga and wanted to continually recall that sensation as their day went on.” The solution: Connect the idea of the beauty ritual and the yoga ritual (both examples of time you take for yourself in the day) with the meditative aspect and the practical need of getting back to business—quick. The result: Innovative products such as a hair treatment made for hot yoga, body-size “shower” wipes, and an aroma meant to help you enhance and recall your Savasana.

Here, a handful of Yuni items we had to try:

no-rinse body & hair cleansing foam

“We formulated this with aloe vera and neem, an Indian plant that has antibacterial properties, to solve the problem of no shower time,” says Rey.

Test drive: It foams on like a hand sanitizer and refreshes without leaving you feeling sticky. Quick drying so you can get back to work and still have time to pick up lunch.
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instant shower sheets

“There’s nothing quite like them on the market. They’re large in size and derived from wood, so they’re completely compostable and biodegradable,” Rey says.

Test drive: Try these after sweatier sessions when you need to both wipe down and dry off. They’re alcohol-free but you’ll feel surprisingly clean thanks to the combo of peppermint leaf essential oil and neem.
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microveil hair treatment

“When you work out, your body temperature increases and the cuticles of the hair open. The idea is to mist it on so you’re treating your hair while practicing,” says Rey. “We got requests for this.”

Test drive: This dry oil smells great, doesn’t feel greasy, and won’t stain your mat. Bonus: The essential fatty acids in kukui and argan oils are great for hair and skin so don’t worry if your misting aim isn’t spot on.
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muscle recovery gel

“We designed this with a high percentage of anti-inflammatory arnica extract plus the addition of peppermint essential oil to reduce pain naturally. The combination really works to help you recoup faster,” says Rey.

Test drive: Super cooling for up to 45 minutes. Great after more intensive classes like Power Yoga and Warrior Flow.
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body balance aroma concentrate

“You apply this during Savasana pose when you’re conscious but fully relaxed and then the brain starts to connect and recall the feeling when you use it again later,” Rey explains. “It’s an anchoring, calming blend of bergamot, neroli, and sage.”

Test drive:You might feel odd at first with the vial next to your mat but roll it under your nose, breathe in and it’s worth it. Helpful desk-side too whenever you’re feeling frazzled.
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