7 new kitchen gadgets for fit foodies

Now that you’ve mastered the mandoline, it’s time for some new cooking toys.

For fit foodies, a balanced diet means eating foods that both taste great and are good for you. No offense to egg whites and steamed broccoli, but we're all about meals that are a little more fun to make. And while we love our spiralizer dearly, we’re ready for some new health-friendly ways to spice up our plates. Below, seven new kitchen gadgets that make creative, healthy cooking a breeze.

stoneware fermenting crock, $96

This hand-crafted crock pot not only adds some rustic flair to your kitchen, it also uses anaerobic respiration to take your healthy snacks to the next level. Just throw in your veggie of choice along with some salt, wait a couple weeks, and get ready for some homemade, probiotic, fermented goodness. You can enjoy fermented foods on their own, or use them to spice up other dishes.
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kale and green stripper, $10

Kale isn't going away anytime soon, and if you haven’t hopped on the kale train yet, it could be because those hard-to-chew, fibrous stems can be a major turn-off. Add this super simple tool to your culinary arsenal, and kale gets a lot tastier. The device’s eight different-sized holes also makes it ideal for prepping other healthy ingredients, from collard greens to fresh herbs.
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naturally cooling ceramics serving bowl, $69

A must-have for summer entertainers, this super sleek serving bowl keeps fruit and salad cool on even the steamiest of days. Just soak the bowl in cold water for a minute or two, and it’s ready to serve.
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chopped salad scissors, $20

These scissors’ micro-serrated stainless steel blades and spring-loaded handles make it insanely easy to achieve perfectly chopped and tossed salads in seconds.
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digital airfryer with variety basket, $300

If you’ve ever made your own kale chips or sweet potato fries in the oven, you’re well acquainted with the struggle of finding that elusive sweet spot somewhere between soggy and burnt. Luckily, this airfryer uses patented heat circulation technology to give your favorite snacks that perfectly-fried crispy texture, minus the oil. You can also use it to bake, roast, or grill up some nutritious fare in a fraction of the time.
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3-tier rapid steamer, $120

Fast food takes on a whole new meaning with this gadget. The quick steamer has stackable compartments that can cook up to three dishes at once, making it easy to whip up a balanced meal in under an hour. Plus, by steaming your food you avoid the additional calories that come with pan-frying or sauteing.
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miito water heater, available for pre-order

The result of a successful Kickstarter campaign, this innovative new gadget is sleek, efficient and eco-friendly. The ingenious design uses an induction base and metal rod to heat liquid directly in its container, so you waste less water and energy than with a traditional electric kettle. Use it to warm up some coffee, soup, or anything else that's better with some heat.
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