7 new on-demand health food options

Because if it's good enough for Beyoncé...

It used to be that food delivery was reserved for pizza and MSG, but the tides are turning to favor the ingredient-conscious consumer. From diet-specific subscription plans—such as vegan and paleo—to full-course bento boxes and instant high-end delivery, the following services are making it easier than ever to eat the freshest meals without stepping foot in any grocery store or restaurant.

pre-cooked gourmet meals, just heat: munchery

Started by a couple of busy dads, Munchery handles the preparation and initial cooking for customers in San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles and New York. Their chefs create daily offerings— from main dishes to desserts for kids and adults alike—which, at most, require just 10 minutes of reheating. Especially perfect if you don’t trust the babysitter in the kitchen.
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vegan meals via mail: 22 days nutrition

With endorsements from a certain Beyoncé, 22 Days Nutrition provides ready-to-cook vegan meals in three plans: one, two, or three meals a day. Founder Marco Borges (trainer to said Beyoncé), devised this 22-day plan (available in the continental U.S.) on the basis of psychological research: Many theorists say that 21 days is the time needed to break a bad habit
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for healthy snacking: naturebox

Try as you might to eat healthy meals, it’s those in-between hankerings that can compromise your honest efforts. NatureBox offers Americans and Canadians a monthly subscription—anywhere from five to 20 full-size bags, which yields up to 100 servings—of snacks. Each nutritious serving is under 200 calories, and everything is made without sweeteners and hydrogenated oils.
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high-end restaurants, delivered to you: fastbite

Fine dining establishments will occasionally let you order food to go, but don’t count on having it delivered—unless you’re using Caviar. Since 2013, the service has partnered with some of the most popular restaurants in the U.S., and just recently launched Fastbite, which delivers single serving, affordable meals from prestigious eateries in 15 minutes or less.
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all the ingredients, deconstructed: gousto

A delicious dinner plus all the pride that comes with making it? This London-based service is your meal ticket. Like U.S. versions (think Plated), you can skip the grocery store and order all the components of a nutritious, flavorful recipe, delivered to your door. You won’t have to worry about forgetting any ingredients, measuring accurately, or having four days’ of leftovers.
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a genetics-based weight-loss diet: genovive

With a swab of the cheek, GenoVive acquires metabolic information about each customer, also factoring in height, weight, age, and gender to aid in the weight-loss journey. It delivers 24 days’ worth of personalized meals per month (plus multivitamin, probiotic supplements), and also provides exercising tips. The service is available everywhere in the continental U.S.—except for New York.
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for everything paleo: pre-made paleo

Pre-made Paleo is ideal if you’ve been curious to try the “caveman diet” but don’t trust yourself to avoid the proper ingredients (“Is this paleo?” is a very common question from the unenlightened). Its gluten-free, grain-free, lactose-free, legume-free, lacking-any-fined-sugars meals arrive (to any customer in the United States) frozen and in individual- and family-sized portions.
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