Unzipped: Brazilian Blowout's Britney Huinker

The Los Angeles-based stylist and beauty exec gives us a peek inside her gym bag.

As the president and co-founder of Brazilian Blowout, Britney Huinker is all about helping clients achieve the ultimate good hair days. And even though managing her line of professional hair smoothing products keeps Huinker busy, she always makes time for fitness. "It's my time," she says. "The only time in my day where I get to focus only on me." Her routine includes 30 minutes of cardio, three days of weights and core work, and, her favorite, cycling classes. "It's the ultimate workout where I just get to have fun, push my limits, and listen to great music!," she says. Here's her gym bag, unpacked.

powder blue balenciaga duffle bag

"I love the color, it makes me happy. And the bag is the perfect size for the gym!"
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hydracoach water bottle

"This bottle is great because it has a built-in calculator that automatically calculates and displays my daily hydration needs, and monitors the total amount of water I drink. Hydration is key to perfect-looking skin."
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bose sie 2i earphones

"These earphones are perfect for the gym because they are moisture-proof and feature an exercise-friendly design. And, best of all, they're great for tuning out noise so you can focus on having a great workout."
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harbinger 149 women's pro wash & dry weight lifting gloves

"These are a great fit, feminine and fashionable. Plus they're machine wash friendly!"
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tie dye hair ties

"These are so chic for pulling up your hair off your neck! A must for working out."
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honest company hand sanitizer spray

"This is the best all natural quick-drying hand sanitizer. It actually leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized."
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nike free tr connect 2' training shoe

"I have the leopard print versions and I absolutely love them. Not only are they chic, but they're so comfortable and great for any type of workout."
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fitbit flex in mint green

"My new favorite toy. The FitBit is amazing and a must have for tracking my day. It even tracks and monitors my sleep."
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brazilian blowout instant body boost powder

"This is the ultimate hair must have! It’s great for adding texture back into my hair after a light workout. Or it can be used as a dry shampoo when I need to get in and out of the gym and back to the office."
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