My beach essentials: Furthermore Editors

A roundup of the treasures we've been spritzing, wearing and loving this summer.

tori praver bikini

"This is the softest swimwear I have ever felt. It's like wearing (really skimpy) pajamas." - Liz Miersch, editor in chief
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acacia swimwear makena sarong

"I live for the beach! This cover up is perfect to just tie around the waist, or you can use it as a blanket to lay on." - Ashley Martin, creative editor
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the ice cream truck

"When the ice cream man rings his bell at my family's Bay Head, New Jersey, beach, I outrun the children." - Sheila Monaghan, executive editor

billabong salty jane springsuit

"My brothers-in-law and I love to rent surfboards anytime we're down the shore, but like any triathlete, I always squeeze in some open-water swim training." - Sheila Monaghan
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aveda sun care protective hair veil

"After putting in time (and tons of money) to achieve the perfect shade of blonde, I work hard to maintain it. This sunscreen protects my hair from getting dry and brassy. The amazing smell is just a bonus."
- Brooke Alovis, managing editor
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sal del mar margarita salt

"The perfect little something to give any summer hostess. It makes happy hour prettier, saltier and much more festive." - Amy Gallo Ryan, executive editor
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calypso st. barth cotton dress

"You have to pack strategically when leaving town for the weekend, so I always choose items that can multi-task. This coverup is super chic at the beach and can easily transition into a dress with a few accessories and wedges." - Brooke Alovis
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kaanas slip-ons

"My general rule is that no beach weekend should require a shoe more sophisticated than a flip flop. However, for these, I would make an exception. Step on the backs and wear them as slides and they are almost as good as being barefoot." - Amy Gallo Ryan
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supergoop! continuous mist broad spectrum spf 50

"Though I would love to soak up the sun and reap the benefits of a golden bronze glow, someone with extremely pale and sensitive skin like myself has no choice but to protect themselves. I trust Supergoop to always do the job and still allow me to get a little bit of color." - Katie Weinholt, assistant photo editor
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sunnylife beach ping pong set

"Who ever said Kadima is not chic? I love to stay active on the beach and what better way then an intense game in the sand!" - Ashley Martin
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monrow stripe mini skirt

"I wear this in the car every Friday when I take off from NYC for Stone Harbor, NJ. It makes me feel instantly beachy." - Liz Miersch
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eugenia kim fedora

"I love that this is a traditional fedora but the ribbon adds a little bit of flair." - Katie Weinholt
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