A case for eating sardines

And other heart-healthy, immunity-boosting foods one Michelin-rated chef thinks you should incorporate right now.

With the ascent of food culture and its importance in today's zeitgeist, it's no wonder that "it" ingredients have come to be. Goop recently declared carrots to be having a moment. Turmeric, meanwhile, is virtually ubiquitous. Curious what to order/serve/eat this minute? Joe Isidori, the Michelin rated chef of local and organic-focused Chalk Point Kitchen in NYC, let us in on 5 good-for-you foods to try right now.


Loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins D and B12, and rich in protein, these small wonders pack a punch. "This fish is far from extinct, so expect to see it used a lot more as a sustainable alternative to other seafood options," says chef Isidori.

mustard greens

"I'm loving cooking with these right now because in addition to being so good for you, they're delicious and extremely versatile," says Isidori of the cancer-fighting green. An alternative to kale and collards, mustard greens contain vitamins A, K, and C, plus calcium and fiber. They're also high in antioxidants and a great detoxifier.

brazil nuts

Rich in protein and fiber, Brazil nuts also provide plenty of satiating unsaturated fats. Men, take note: these are an excellent source of selenium, a mineral which may protect against prostate cancer.


It's tough to beat the combination of high protein and low fat—especially when it comes in this flavorful and satisfying little package. "Our falafel plate at Chalk Point Kitchen, made with house made hummus, tahini and olives, is a wonderful take on the classic dish," says Isidori.


Isidori dubs this Korean staple "the next big health craze", and the probiotic certainly has it's benefits; the fermentation process yields healthy bacteria which aids digestion and boosts immunity. "At Chalk Point Kitchen, we add house made kimchi to our Bar Harbor Mussels with house smoked bacon in a creamy sriracha sauce," he says.