Unzipped: Rachel Blumenthal

The Cricket's Circle founder unpacks her tried-and-true essentials.

For every new and soon-to-be mom, Rachel Blumenthal's Cricket's Circle is as indispensable as the token copy of What to Expect. The wife of Warby Parker co-founder Neil Blumenthal has created an online destination to edit the overwhelming excess of strollers, organic cotton onesies and diaper genies down to the best of the best—as deemed by a network of smart women (think Meredith Melling and Jessica Alba) who have both been there and reflect the highest standard of good taste. To keep her sanity whilst growing her startup and raising her young son Griffin, Blumenthal sweats it out with Pilates, hot yoga and cycling ("I've been spinning since before it was cool," she says). Check out Blumenthal's workout staples below:

ll bean tote

"I don’t carry a gym bag per say. It’s usually an LL Bean camo tote I stole from my son, Griffin, or the classic Louis Vuitton pouchette. The less I have to carry the better!"
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lululemon black leggings

"This material wears much better than the traditional one and is equally flattering. I love an ankle cut because it works for every season."
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lululemon sports bra

"Straps that hit my shoulders awkwardly and are not the right thickness hurt and tend to give me a headache. This bra gives me shape without padding (because god knows I need it!) and the straps hit me perfectly."
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american apparel tank

"I’m not a wick-away girl – it smells, gets pilly and isn’t flattering. I love cotton and this American Apparel silhouette in particular. It was flattering before baby, when I was pregnant, and after."
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"My husband is a major Nike fanatic. After being together for more than ten years, he finally told me last year that I had terrible taste in sneakers. Because I’m more of a stiletto girl, I always looked at the function and form of sneakers, rather than the style. Now that I’ve seen the light, buying sneakers is so much more fun. It’s getting dangerous."
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green juice

"I always end a workout with a green juice from Juice Generation or the juice guy at Coffee Shop in Union Square: spinach, kale, strawberry, and orange juice."
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a top knot with lots of bobby pins

"I chopped my hair into a long-ish bob last spring so ever since then bobby pins are essential."
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workout jams

"It always depends on my mood, my go-to is anything from the '80s or early '90s since it’s the most energizing. I particularly love Belinda, Michael, Paula and Whitney!"