6 fresh juice combos

Sick of the same old flavors? Try 6 innovative combinations inspired by produce around the globe.

If you’re a juice bar regular, you may have noticed that combos have started to sound startlingly alike. And really, how many times can you gulp down a concoction of kale, apple, spinach, lemon and ginger without getting bored? But don’t give up your daily cold-pressed just yet. This spring, we suggest upping your juice game and shaking up your palate with ingredients native to some of the world’s wellness hotspots.

Marissa Lippert, RD and owner of NYC's Nourish Kitchen + Table, developed the following globetrotting combinations to rescue us all from juice fatigue.

australia: passion fruit + orange juice + lime + carrot juice

Here, the sweet tanginess of citrus is mellowed by carrot's earthy flavor. “Grown down under, passion fruit seems to pop up all over Australian cuisine,” says Lippert. “The fruit is loaded with antioxidants, beta carotene and vitamin C.”

hawaii: coconut milk + coconut water + cucumber + mint + dates + ginger

This combination is clean, crisp and refreshing—perfect for a warm day, since coconut and cucumber are extremely hydrating. “Coconut's rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and ginger's good for digestion,” she says.

india: mango + almond milk + cinnamon + turmeric + vanilla bean + chia seeds

This rich and flavorful drink is a cousin of the famed mango lassi, minus the yogurt base. Cinnamon and turmeric balance out the fruit’s sweetness. “Mangos provide antioxidants and fiber along with vitamin C, folate and vitamin A,” says Lippert. “Plus, you get satiating healthy fats from the almond milk.” After juicing or blending the first five ingredients together, finish by adding whole chia seeds to the glass.

morocco: apple + beet + rose water + lemon + mint

Meet your new hangover juice. “Rose water is often used in Moroccan cuisine, and has great calming and anti-inflammatory properties,” she says. It also imparts a subtle floral note. Apples are packed with the antioxidant quercetin and beets are potent liver detoxifiers.

vietnam: watermelon + lemongrass + lemon + mint + cucumber

All the flavors come together for a fresh, clean and citrusy sip, with watermelon and cucumber providing maximum hydration. “Lemongrass is an essential ingredient in Vietnamese cooking,” says Lippert. “If you’re making a smoothie, make sure you finely mince it before adding it to the blender.”

california: avocado + cacao nibs + banana + hemp milk

Avocado might seem like an odd addition, but it blends well with any other flavor and creates a silky-smooth and rich mouth-feel. “Hemp contains plant-based protein and you also get potassium and fiber from the banana,” she says.