6 ways to love the planet back

It gives you oxygen and H2O. The least you can do in return is embrace the earth in your quest for good health.

You shun plastic bags and bottles. You recycle. You generally try to tread lightly on the planet. But that doesn’t mean that being green has to be a chore—or require sacrificing luxury or comfort. Just in time for Earth Day, we rounded up the chicest, most cutting-edge eco-offerings for every facet of your life.

sweat smarter: newton running shoes

The Sir and Lady Isaac models from Newton have a beveled sole that retrains your gait so you rely more on the midsection of the foot and less on the heel. Ten percent of the sole is made from recycled material, while the upper portion, laces, and webbing are made from 100% recycled materials. Plus, the brand packs them in a shoebox produced from 100% post-consumer waste and uses soy-based inks with a water-based coating.
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brew better: toms coffee

The brand that revolutionized charitable fashion—Toms’ innovative one-for-one-model gives shoes and eyeglasses to those in need—expanded last month to providing clean water to the estimated two billion people worldwide without access to it. With every bag of organic, fair-trade coffee you purchase, Toms will distribute one week of clean water to a person who needs it.
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shield with style: smith evolve sunglasses

Smith Optics’ Evolve series is the world’s largest line of environmentally-friendly sunglasses. Frames are made from renewable, non-GMO castor plants, and all the shades are packed in Forest Stewardship Council-certified materials and come with a coconut-fiber storage bag.
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travel greener: secret bay, dominica

Tucked away on Dominica, the Caribbean’s lush and un-touristy “nature island,” is the new sustainable boutique resort Secret Bay. The villas and bungalows were designed by Venezuelan architect Fruto Vivas to minimize environmental impact, and blend seamlessly into the surrounding cliffside. You’ll fill out a detailed questionnaire before arriving so that they can stock up on your favorite local fish, organic fruit, and wine.
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look younger: tata harper boosted contouring serum

The latest launch in the 100 percent natural, farm-to-table skincare line provides derm-worthy results—sans scary chemicals. Tata Harper's Boosted Contouring Serum contains botanical extracts such as goldenrod and algae that will firm skin over time, while gum from the Acacia shrub provides an immediate lift. Clinical trials show that after just 24 hours of use, skin’s melanin concentration (the culprit behind unsightly dark spots) may drop by as much as 35 percent.
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breathe easier: airocide

This Airocide filterless air purifier was originally developed for NASA to clean the air so that astronauts could grow plants in space. For mere mortals, especially those suffering from asthma or allergies, that means the machine zaps nearly 100 percent of mold, dust mites, viruses, toxins, pollen, pet dander, and more—with zero ozone emissions.
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