Meet the kings of the court

The most coveted role in Hollywood this season? A spot on the basketball court at Equinox West LA.

Now in its 15th season, the Entertainment League (or E-League) is an exclusive invitation-only basketball club that pits actors, musicians, producers and even former pro-athletes against each other at Equinox's West LA club every Sunday.

This year’s roster includes the likes of James Van Der Beek, Kellen Lutz and Josh Hutcherson. But don’t assume it’s just a bunch of Hollywood pretty boys. From throwing elbows to talking trash, the first rule of E-League is to play hard or go home. Case in point; a recent match up between former NFL player Terrell Owens and actor Eric Etebari left Etebari with 9 stitches and a fresh scar—which helped him land a TV role as an Albanian drug dealer days later.

Despite the fierce competition, the guys still manage to have a good time—and take care of business. “I’ve seen people make deals with teammates, films have been hatched and actors attached,” says actor Joel David Moore. “It’s a safe place for a lot of guys in front of the camera to have fun and let their guard down.”

As this year’s E-League teams head to the playoffs, we caught up with some of the players to get the scoop on their toughest competition, game-day rituals and how they stay in fighting form.