My healthy: Olivia Chantecaille

How the busy beauty exec keeps going and glowing.

As the Creative Director and face of the coveted beauty brand Chantecaille, Olivia Chantecaille needs to look the part. Not hard when you consider her model looks and ability to develop cultish beauty hits; a little harder when you get a glimpse at her full-tilt schedule, which rotates between product launches, photo shoots, fashion shows, charity work (she’s Chairperson for Save Venice and Young Patrons of the Louvre), and a commitment to dreaming up feel-good color palettes that benefit marine and wildlife conservation. Now with a new baby in the mix, some quiet time seems in order. Just days after the birth of her daughter, she told us how she stays feeling healthy and Zen.

water bottle

“I have this amazing ionizing water bottle that makes alkaline drinking water. I love it because it raises my pH to healthy levels.”
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“I like to meditate in the morning. It helps me relax and clears my head so I start each day with a fresh perspective. I also do pilates, yoga and gyrotonics—and I try to walk to work when I can. I did that and practiced yoga throughout much of my pregnancy.”
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greek yogurt

“You’ll always find greek yogurt in my fridge. It’s a staple and great for when I’m on the go.”

east hampton

“East Hampton has always been an escape of mine. It’s such a beautiful, tranquil place—from the relaxing beach to the quiet countryside.”

the shibui spa

“The Shibui Spa at The Greenwich Hotel is my favorite retreat in Manhattan. I try to go frequently for massages. It’s so Zen and healing and their massages are the best.”
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chantecaille eye mask

“Our Gold Energizing Eye Recovery Masks are my must for looking and feeling refreshed. I rely on the gel eye patches when I travel to help eliminate dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles around my eyes. They’re small and discreet so I can wear them under a silk eye mask when I sleep on the plane.”
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