The best sleep money can buy

Investing in a good night's rest might be the smartest thing you do for your health.

From PJs that keep your body temperature in check, a pillow that matches how you like to lay, and an alarm clock that helps you kick your snooze habit for good, these sleep-enhancing innovations will get you to wake up rested and ready-to-go.


If you’re one of the approximately one-third of adults who push the snooze button over and over again, this one’s for you: An alarm clock on wheels that once it goes off, a built in motor causes it to jump off your bedside table and roll around the room. The only way to make it stop beeping: get out of bed.
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sleep for success by dr. james b. maas back/stomach sleeper pillow

Equinox advisory board member and sleep expert James B. Maas, Ph.D. created these unique pillows, designed for how you prefer to sleep—side, back, or belly. For each, the shape is slightly different to help keep your spine aligned, which will keep you more comfortable and less likely to wake up up when you move. Silver threads keep your head cool all night long—no flipping required.
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nature’s spa serenity collection perry king mattress set

This mattress has a hefty price tag but according to Maas, it’s the Ferrari of beds, thanks to individually pocketed coils, a fabric that wicks away moisture and shape that keeps your sleep posture perfect.
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jawbone up

The wearable activity monitor tracks not only your fitness, but your sleep quality as well. It will log your bed and wake-up times and gently wake you from a power nap; users can sync the band with the smartphone app to have a full report that charts your sleep schedule over time.
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litebook elite

Most indoor lights aren’t even close to being as bright as the sun, while others are purposely kept dim—so after a day spent in the office, your brain thinks it’s night even when it’s not and starts to create some level of melatonin. As a result, you feel groggy when you should be energized. Turn this ultra bright light on and direct it right on you for 30 minutes every a.m. before you leave the house and you can reset your natural circadian rhythm.
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uvex s1933x skyper safety eyewear

Research shows that even short exposure to blue light—the type of light emitted by most electronic devices—block the production of melatonin, the hormone necessary for sleep. These orange-tinted glasses, created to see through fog, also block blue light so you can do emails and veg on the couch without any anti-sleep side effects.
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sheex pajamas

Designed by an ex-coach and athlete, these PJs are the equivalent of the high-tech gear you wear to stay dry at the gym. Research shows that the prime sleep-good temperature is around 60 to 65 degrees. But between a mattress that retains your body heat, layers of blankets and a bedmate next to you, your body temperature can skyrocket. Instead of your old-school sweats, cozy up in these moisture-wicking comfy clothes (and try the sheets and pillowcases, too).
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sleep cycle alarm clock app

Not all sleep is created equal—you’ve got light, deep and REM dream sleep. By using the accelerometer in your iPhone, this technology picks up on how much your mattress moves and therefore where you are in your sleep cycle. Then, in the morning, it either goes off or waits to buzz for when you’re in the lightest phase within a 30-minute time frame of when you need to get up.
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